Week One Content!

What's all this about an alien invasion?  I thought it was going to be about timetravel and cowboys, Pat?

Hmm, maybe this isn't the best forum for this discussion...


Anyway, friends, we have some excitement in store for you.  As enduring fans of space, badass dudes, and comics, Pat and I have picked up quite a few influences and inspirations.  As we work to distill those concepts and images into a story, we are finding that it is filled to the brim with references to Yuri's real experiences and other nerd stuff that we like. 

Surely, we will take liberties, but much of what you read will have real quotes and characters sprinkled in - at least until the tidal wave comes and Yuri has to build the second Arc!  (That isn't really going to happen... but then again, we're kind of winging this, so who knows?)

To the extent that we can without ruining surprises, I'd like to give folks some info, here, about the references and tributes that we've included each week.


This week, you've seen:

1. A reference to a great John Glenn painting - added in tribute to America's own first man to orbit Earth, and an Ohio native to boot!

2. A few quotes from Yuri's flight, describing what the Earth looks like to the naked eye.  Note* Though Gagarin is touted as the first man in space, I'd encourage readers to check out Joe Kittinger.  In 1959 this guy did some absolutely incredible stuff, and was probably the true first man in space, by a most wonderful means.  Indeed, the badassness of Kittinger was hugely inspirational for us in beginning this comic, and we hope to do him some credit in this story, if only through the proxy of his colleague Yuri.

3. Lastly, some readers may recognize that the name of this comic was drawn directly from the name of a territory in [awesome boardgame] Risk 2210 (formerly the Urals, I believe).  Who could resist conquering Asia with such tempting spoils!?


Anyway, those are my two kopeks for this week!


posted by Bill Arth @ 12th Nov 2010, 1:03 PM

Pryvet means hello in any language

Just making an initial  hello to you fine readers.  It is mine and William's pleasure to present to you our semi-historical epic of the first man in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.  As I'm sure William will explain, we are taking a few liberties with his story.  For example, the Vostok launch in 1951 didn't coincide with a massive alien invasion.  But, you know, details. Although, I suppose it may be better to call this a What If story.  

If you are curious as to a version of Yuri's real life adventures I urge you to google that shit, its good stuff.  Later.


posted by P.R. @ 9th Nov 2010, 11:08 AM